Batik Fabric Characteristics You Need to Know

Batik fabric characteristics is different with the other fabric. The process makes the texture more softer. You need to know how was the characteristics of original batik. Original batik is batik fabric that using wax to makes the pattern on that. Canting being the tools if we making handwritting batik. If we are making stamp batik we need pattern stamp tu put the wax into fabric.

There are so many characteristics to recognize the different of original batik with fabric with batik pattern. You can just read the characteristics below:

  • The original batik usually has similar color between front and back of fabric.
  • Only original batik has unique smells from wax, batik printing didn’t have.
  • Original batik has messy component or pattern because making by hand.
  • Batik original softer than printing batik.
batik fabric characteristics

Indonesian Batik Characteristics

Indonesian batik fabric characteristics is depend the area where is the batik made. For example, from Solo City there are many original pattern from that area. Then, Batik from Solo also has spesial colors like dark brown. Comparatively with batik Solo, batik from Pekalongan city has many bright colors. The characteristics affected from environment around batik crafters.

The fabric of Batik is identified as Nusantara’s (Indonesia) fabric. Nowadays, those fabrics are developed into the modern industry. Some process of making batik not using traditional taechnique anymore, For example handprinting batik, and printing with machine. The reason making with modern because the market demand for batik fabric are bigger day by day.

Traditional and Original Batik in Batik Dlidir

We named our company as Batik dlidir. What is the meaning of Dlidir? In Javanese Dlidir means flowing continuously. Therefore, from that name, we hope that our product will be constanly sold like the movement flow of the water. This name is also our prayer. So, it is not only name, but it has strong character in further advance.

If you want to know more about our product, batik modern and traditional. Please kindly reach us on whatsapp. With Mr.Mudzakir on +62 822 6565 2222.

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