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Batik clothing from Batik Dlidir, Solo Indonesia. Batik is traditional technique to make pattern with hot wax. The artist put the hot wax with canting or stamp by hand into a fabric. After that is process of colouring, sometimes they make with natural colouring from woods, leaves, roots, flowers, etc. Next, boiling the fabric to removing wax on fabric. In fact, that process is repeated many times to make beautiful some colours and pattern.

Original batik fabric is the real culture heritage from Solo, Indonesia. Therefore, every classic pattern have special meaning. Like sidomukti pattern used to groom and bride at wedding party. But there are also modern batik.

batik clothing

Bali Batik Clothing Wholesale

We make batik clothing for everyone starts from kids, woman, man clothing. We accept orders to make ready to wear appareal in various type. Like, slimfit, tunic, any dresses, and shirt. You’re in the right place if you want to buy Batik in large amount. Of course you can get cheaper price.

We are known as batik wholesaler in Solo. Our name is Batik Dlidir. We offer you low-price and we will give you the best quality of batik. Our customer is not only from Solo, but also come from foreign country. We have shipped products to Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, and many African countries.

Batik Online

The development of technology nowadays, the selling is much done more by this online system. Some traders choose using online system with various considerations. The one of them is because the minimum cost paid. Beside of that, with using online system, the target of selling is wider. This is not only in domestic but also all the worlds. So where ever you are you can order our batik.

You can order our batik products by phone, you can reach us on whatsapp number +62 822 6565 2222 with Mr. Mudzakir.

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