Batik sarong images motif which exists

Batik sarong images are batik motif which exists on a sarong. This motif is various enough. There are millions batik motif. This motif is different from every place. It includes in Indonesia itself having many batik motifs. To remember, Indonesia is known as Batik country. The difference of this batik motif becomes special characteristics.

Batik sarong images motif which exists

Then, this special characteristic becomes icon from that place. And batik lovers have been able to know the origin of batik from its motif. And now, Batik has been developing continuously. It is not only in Indonesia. But also, almost in the entire world. In all countries have batik. Though, batik which is existed is not original from that country.

Batik sarong images motif which exists (2)

But it comes from other country. This thing is done because batik lovers are so much. So many countries that cause batik for fulfilling people want later. Motif existed on batik sarong is divided too to become some kinds. There are traditional motif, flora motif, fauna and geometry motif too.

For traditional motif is just such line or symbol. Even so, this traditional motif exactly is liked so much. This thing because traditional motif contains high philosophy. Especially traditional batik motif from Indonesia. This is why, until now, many collectors still hunt it.

Then, for this animal or fauna motif adjusts its region. This motif usually is the image from environment surrounding. Such as dragon motif, butterfly motif, fish motif or sea animal and other animal motif. There is leaves or trees motif too.

Batik sarong images at Batikdlidir

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Batik sarong images at Batikdlidir

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Batik seragam.

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