Dragonfly batik sarong includes unique motif

Dragonfly batik sarong becomes the one of the simplest motif. Even so, dragonfly motif includes unique motif. And many batik lovers that like this motif. So, no wonder if many of them choose this motif.

Dragonfly batik sarong includes unique motif

Kain batik modern.

Now, dragonfly motif has been much enough. It is not only on the type of fabric. But, this motif has been applied for other type. Such as; accessories, quilt, and type of sarong too.

Batik sarong has been being trends nowadays. Many mode lovers which are in love with batik sarong. The development of batik sarong is indeed quick enough. It is not only in Indonesia. This batik sarong has been developing into various countries.

Then, in the end, many of them change using batik sarong. It is same with wearing fashion. Wearing batik sarong can be combined too with other fashion.

batik art.

Dragonfly batik sarong at Batikdlidir

Dragonfly batik sarong at Batikdlidir. Indeed, during this time sarong is identical with subordinate fashion. Or fashion which is worn by the lower body. But in the development is not like that. Many designers that become batik sarong as complete fashion later.

Dragonfly batik sarong at Batikdlidir

In its meaning, sarong can be worn too as higher. Such as; dress with batik sarong. With accurate design, the result of dress from batik sarong will be perfect. But, sometimes for this batik sarong uses different type of fabric. Of course, if it is compared with other type of fashion.

For example with western-style shirt fashion, or other type of fashion. This difference adjusts with its need. And for batik need, you can believe on us (Batikdlidir). We are as the one of Batik center in Solo city. We make available for various Batik needs.

Started from type of original Batik Tulis, Batik Cap (stamp) and Batik Printing too. These various types of Batik, we make it available exclusively for you. So, you can be free in choosing type of Batik that you want. In addition, in our place you can order the motif by yourself too. Though, we have had thousand motifs. But, we will still give service for you by making motif that you want.

For order Dragonfly batik sarong in our place, you can contact me +62 822 6565 2222 (Mr. Mudzakir).

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