Batik fabric Melbourne with all handmade technique

Batik fabric Melbourne Austrsalia is an evidence of Batik deployment. Although Batik fabric is identic to Indonesia, it doesn’t mean that other countries don’t have. Batik Melbourne is one of them. This is the capital city of Vitoria, Australia. This is the biggest city in Victoria.

Batik fabric Melbourne

For business interest, Melbourne is the second most important city in Australia. It also becomes the second biggest city in Australia. By the developing of business, this city is being a popular marketplace for the traders. One of a popular product is Batik. In that city, there are many kinds. The batik comes from many countries in the world. One of them is Indonesia.

Batik fabric Melbourne with all handmade technique

There is something that makes Batik Melbourne different to the others. Batik fabric from Melbourne is more attractive. It can be seen from the patterns and also the colors. They prefer modern pattern than the old one. Their popular patterns are straight lines. But there are some plants patterns too.

The shade of color is being the important part. So, this is also being the characteristic of Batik Melbourne. Batik Melbourne usually sell at a shopping center in that city. But if you are in Indonesia, you can order at our store, Batik Dlidir. We have many professional craftsmen so you don’t have to worry about the product.

We provide your needs of Batik. We also have many kinds of Batik accessories. Batik Dlidir is one-stop Batik shopping place.

For more information and order Batik fabric Melbourne contact +6282265652222. Please use WhatsApp to get the fast response from us.

Batik fabric Melbourne for modern sarong

Batik fabric Melbourne for modern sarong at Batikdlidir. We are Wholesale sells the original handmade batik sarong with the various traditional batik patterns. For you, the sarong wholesaler grab the special price in our shop/company immediately. Dlidir will give our best services and the reasonable price.

The following are the samples of our products:

Batik fabric Melbourne for modern sarong

Batik sarong is commonly used to pray for Indonesian people. It wears to cover the bottom of the body. However, in this era the function is more multi-function. It can be used to make the fashion mode perfectly.
kain batik

Batik fabric Melbourne for quilting

Batik Fabric Melbourne for quilting at Batikdlidir. We give you a price of US $ 2.50 per yard. Besides, the convenience and security of transacting become our priority. Hope can be established business relationships that benefit both sides.

Batik fabric Melbourne for quilting

Batikdlidir is a manufacturers of batik stamp. We’ve had decades of experience. The experience includes everything about cap, tie dye or gradation techniques. As a solo townspeople, batik has become our daily life.

This is the real batik, a long cultural achievement Indonesian etnic. Not just fabric, but a long history of high-level witnesses artwork. And also that is recognized worldwide. If some countries have an amazing heritage. Then solo, Indonesia has BATIK. An intellectual property portrayed or expressed in a fabric.

For reservations or information Batik fabric Melbourne, You can whatsapp to:

+62 822 6565 2222 Pak Mudzakir.

Batik fabric Melbourne for Jelly rolls

Batik fabric Melbourne for Jelly rolls at Batikdlidir. Jelly rolls fabric using tie dye traditional handmade at Batikdlidir. We sold US $ 8.00 for 20 strips of batik fabric. Whereas the larger is US $ 15.00 with 40 strips of fabric.

Batik fabric Melbourne for Jelly rolls

Actually this creation is almost similar to quilted batik creations. It’s just for the arrangement. Batik quilt is made by stitching. That is to combine different types and motifs of different batik. Next, the piece of batik cloth was sewn together to form a new piece of batik cloth. Quilted and jelly rolls are widely used for accessory purposes. For example, for the living room, bedroom, and other accessories.

For more information, please contact +62 822 6565 2222.

Batik jelly rolls

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